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AFOLABI MONISOLA TUNDE, PETER OLUWATOSIN OMOJOLA, Maternal healthcare seeking behaviour in rural communities of Ido-Osi Lga, Ekiti State, Nigeria
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KHEIREDDINE DJEDAIET, AZZEDINE GHACHI, Simulation of flood's risk using GIS and HEC-RAS in the Lower Valley of Wadi El Kebir - Tebessa, Algeria
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RADU SÃGEATÃ, ANDREEA-LORETA CERCLEUX, ELENA BOGAN, Digitalization of Romanian pre-university education in Coronavirus pandemic conditions
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CEZAR BUTEREZ, Beyond the liturgical. Complementary functions of monasteries from Buzãu and Râmnicu Sãrat Counties, Romania (16th-19th centuries)
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FELICIA BENCIU, GABRIELA TAULESCU, ELENA BOGAN, ANDREEA-LORETA CERCLEUX, LILIANA BUJOR, Compliant versus non-compliant practices in the poultry sector and the influence of discrepancies on the quality of life. Case study - Poultry farm SC Avicom SA, Vaslui County
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FLORINA GRECU, MANEL YAKHLEFOUNE, GABRIEL COSMIN ILIE, MIHAELA VERGA, Le rôle des paysages géomorphologiques dans la personnalisation de la diversité du territoire et des aléas géospatiaux
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ANTONIO SASU, Romanian emigrants for university studies in the 18th century until the first half of the 19th century
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JACQUES KONKOBO, YÉLÉZOUOMIN STÉPHANE CORENTIN SOMÉ, Dynamique spatio-temporelle de l'état de vitalité du couvert végétal avec l'indice NDVI dans la commune rurale de Kouka, au Nord-Ouest du Burkina Faso
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ANA-MARIA ROANGHEŞ-MUREANU, AMALIA MIHAELA OGLINDOIU, Analysis of the tourist attractiveness of urban settlements in Mehedinti County
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AZZEDINE GHACHI, FOUDIL KHALED, KHEIREDDINE DJEDAIET, OUALID MEDDOUR, Characteristic feature of the flood vulnerability in urban areas. Case of Skikda City (North East Algeria)
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In Memoriam

FLORINA GRECU, Le Professeur Grigore Posea, 15 octobre 1928, Nehoiasu - 23 février 2023, Bucarest
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Book Reviews / Comptes-rendus / Recenzii

FLORENTINA-CRISTINA MERCIU, Book review of: VLADAN HRUŠKA (ed.), 2022, Industrial past, creative future? Perspectives of industrial heritage from Podkrusnohori, Univerzita J.E. Purkyne v Ústí nad Labem, Prirodovecká fakulta, 2022, 51 p.
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EMA CORODESCU-ROŞCA, Book review of: BORNA FUERST-BJELIŠ, ETIENNE NEL, STANKO PELC (Editors) (2022), COVID-19 and Marginalisation of People and Places. Impacts, Responses and Observed Effects of COVID-19 on Geographical Marginality, Springer, Cham, 238 p.
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GABRIEL CAMARÃ, Book review of: MATTHIAS BERNT (2022), The commodification gap. Gentrification and Public Policy in London, Berlin and St. Petersburg, Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, xiii+258 p.
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Scientific life / Vie scientifique / Viatã stiintificã

GABRIEL CAMARÃ, IGU Commission on Marginalization, Globalization, and Regional and Local Responses, Virtual conference Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 9-10 August 2021
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ADRIAN TIŞCOVSCHI, Annual conference of the Faculty of Geography, Geographical Perspectives on Global Changes, 18-19 November 2022, Bucharest, Romania
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FLORINA GRECU, Le 9ème Rencontre Algéro-Roumaine, Séminaire International Vulnérabilité, Prévention, Adaptation et Résilience des Territoires, Université Constantine 3, Centre National de Recherche en Aménagement du Territoire CRAT, Algérie, 20-21 Mai 2023
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PAPA SAKHO, Congrès de Fondation de l'Association Internationale de Géographie Francophone (AIGF), 13-15 juin 2023, Rabat, Maroc
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Doctoral theses / Thèses de doctorat / Teze de doctorat

OANA PUIA, Teze de doctorat sustinute în perioada 1 decembrie 2022 - 30 septembrie 2023
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Analele Universitatii Bucuresti: Geografie (Annals of the University of Bucharest – Geography Series) welcomes though contributors in the field of geography from all disciplinary perspectives no matter their area of research as particularities of different territories generates study cases for widespread general geographic phenomena.

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