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FLORINA GRECU, Analele Universitãtii din Bucuresti, seria Geografie la 70 de ani - responsabilitate a generatiilor de geografi / Annals of the University of Bucharest. 70 Years of Geography Series - Responsibility for the Generations of Geographers
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ANDREEA-LORETA CERCLEUX, Analele Universitãtii din Bucuresti, seria Geografie la 70 de ani - scurt istoric / Annals of the University of Bucharest. 70 Years of Geography Series - Brief History
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BADREDDINE ENNASSIRI, SAID MOUAK, Vulnérabilité aux aléas sismique dans la ville d'Agadir - Maroc. Étude par systèmes d'information géographique
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GABRIEL COSMIN ILIE, FLORINA GRECU, L'évaluation, une étape importante dans l'étude des géosites. Applications au site Fierbãtorile de Berca, Vallée de Buzãu
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ELENA BOGAN, TAMARA SIMON, ANDREEA-LORETA CERCLEUX, A System of Values for the Identification and Ranking of the National Tourism Heritage in Romania
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DANA MARIA (OPREA) CONSTANTIN, ADRIAN AMADEUS TIŞCOVSCHI, ELENA BOGAN, ELENA GRIGORE, The Role of the Synoptic Conditions in the Dispersion of a Pollution Indicator - The Nitrogen Dioxide (No2) in the Area of Slatina Town, Romania
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ALI HANAFI, OUMAYMA ARIDHI, La végétation méditerranéenne aride dans les aires de transition : typologie, richesse et défis de valorisation. Cas des Monts de Matmata (Sud Tunisien)
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VASILE POPA, IONUT ŞANDRIC, RADU IRIMIA, OCTAVIAN COCOŞ, Public Perception Regarding Air Pollution in Bucharest Due to Road Transport and the Opportunity of Traffic Restriction for Polluting Vehicles
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COSMINA-ANDREEA MANEA, Logical Framework Analysis as Tool for Sustainable Regeneration in the Urban-Rural Interface
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FLORINA GRECU, ABDELKADER ABDELLAOUI, La coopération roumaino-algérienne en science géographique a l'Université de Bucarest (15 années
de réalisations 2006 - 2021 )
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Viatã stiintificã/Scientific Life

FLORINA GRECU, In Memoriam Mircea Cristian VIŞAN
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GABRIEL CAMARÃ, IGU Conference Nepal 2019, IGU Commission on Marginalization, Globalization, and Regional Responses and Local Responses, 8-14 December 2019, Katmandu, Nepal
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ANA MARIA TALOŞ, ALINA MARECI, 2nd International Conference Re-Shaping Territories, Environment and Societies - New Challenges for Geography (RETES), 20-21 November 2020, Bucharest, Romania
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GHEORGHE ŞERBAN, Air and Water Components of the Environment. International Conference Dedicated to World Meteorological Day and World Water Day, March 20, 2021
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ANDREEA-LORETA CERCLEUX, IGU Conference Heritage Geographies: Politics, Uses and Governance of the Past, 27-28 May 2021, Lecce, Italy
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ALEXANDRU BÃNICÃ, MARINELA ISTRATE, Presentation of the Annual International Symposium of the Faculty of Geography and Geology, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Present Environment and Sustainable Development, XVIth edition, 18 June 2021 - ONLINE
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ANDREEA-LORETA CERCLEUX, 7th International Scientific Conference Geobalcanica 2021, 15-16 June 2021, Ohrid, North Macedonia
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FLORENTINA-CRISTINA MERCIU, Review - Ilovan Oana-Ramona (ed.), Territorial Identities in Action / Identitãti teritoriale în actiune, Presa Universitarã Clujeanã, 2021
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OANA PUIA, Teze de doctorat sustinute în perioada 1 ianuarie 2019 - 1 septembrie 2021
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Current issue: 2021

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Aims & Scope
Analele Universitatii Bucuresti: Geografie (Annals of the University of Bucharest – Geography Series) is a yearly peer-reviewed scientific journal dating since 1952. It has an integrative approach publishing articles from various fields of interest both of physical geography (geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, etc.) and of human geography (geodemography, settlement geography, social geography, etc.). Its aims are to comprise themes of large interest from various domains of activity for geographers in general as geography itself is a broad discipline with a high interdisciplinary character. The journal contents research articles, discussions of current issues of large interest for different geographic disciplines, case studies, reports, book reviews. Articles are relevant to both academics and practitioners, and are the results of anonymous reviews by at least two referees chosen by the editor for their specialist knowledge.

Being for many years the main scientific publication of the largest Faculty of Geography in the country, part of the University of Bucharest, and being edited at the Publishing House of the same institution the review benefited of an uninterrupted international and national exchange with over 30 similar international publications in the same field for more than 50 years.

Analele Universitatii Bucuresti: Geografie (Annals of the University of Bucharest – Geography Series) welcomes though contributors in the field of geography from all disciplinary perspectives no matter their area of research as particularities of different territories generates study cases for widespread general geographic phenomena.

Analele Universitatii Bucuresti: Geografie (Annals of the University of Bucharest – Geography Series) is an OPEN ACCESS journal aiming the free dissemination of scientific results among the worldwide research community. All the papers received are submitted to the scientific peer-review process, which is the main and the only review process of the journal.
At the same time the journal has no article processing and article submission charges.

This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.

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